COMMENT: A dreary championship. How can you rob the sport about his soul?

Only memories of hundreds of visits to previous championships in the Netherlands, Italy, or Spain.

But why are we really wondering?

The UCI International Cycling Union has awarded this event to a country without cycling culture and traditions. She defended herself with the bold words of an important achievement for the globalization of cycling. At the same time, Brian Cookson, president of this union, did not even believe that Qatar had the right to organize a championship with a “contribution” of 10 million Swiss Francs to the UCI casket.

This is the reality of the current sporting world. You do not have to have a tradition, audience, high-quality athlete, you do not really have anything to do. Just if you have a lot of money.Then you buy almost anything.

Arab oil giant Qatar is an illustration.

A little country where only a million of the real Cataraans live, hosted in recent years Asian Games, World Athletics Championships, World Handball Championships, Boxers and now also cyclists. In 2019 he will welcome the betting app mobile summer athletics world championship, and in 2022 even in football. She is also a candidate for the Olympic Games.

As well as the top events, Kata “buy” also good foreign athletes from Asia, Africa and the European Balkans, when they no longer have their own. But to buy the top and the audience?So far, their logistics have not yet grown. “Bloody championship,” Dutch cyclist Tom Dumoulin said. Similarly speaking Sparrow Castroviejo, German Martin, Belgian Boonen and many others. Only the Slovak defender of the title Peter Sagan replied with his usual pragmatism: “We are in the 21st century. Today, everyone can watch TV and so on. ”

But even the television experience of a big sporting event increases tens of thousands of spectators in the track or in the fairs. Does world sport really want to walk through sterile events at screens?In the future, this may prove to be counterproductive if it leads to targeting the target group and hence loss of interest to sponsors.

Katařany claims that the acquisition of these companies seeks international recognition and increases self-confidence. It is difficult for them to blame. Their organization is always great, the championship base is first class.

Football World Championship fought in the 2010 elections even though the Qatar representation was 112 at that the world rankings and in the country was registered only 7000 footballers, less than, for example, on Solomon Islands. “They should remove the championship because they have no football,” Brazilian legend Zico said.

To prepare for the championship, Katařans want to invest in infrastructure in the country, including roads, railways and hotels, dizzying $ 200 billion, more than fifteen times as much as London has put into the 2012 Olympic Games. They can afford it, oil supplies are still huge. They are also building a youth football academy sportsbook bonus where foreign coaches invite.

At the same time, they are still faced with speculation that they have won this championship purely.Especially after the busting of Sheik Mohammed Bin Hamman in Qatar’s candidacy for Vice President FIFA has “broken”. He gave away 5 million dollars in cash and gifts for his election. Although the organizing committee of the World Championship has distanced itself from it, doubts remain.

In the case of the Katařany Cycling Championship, they have put an agreed “contribution” on the UCI account publicly. But the races (as in the past, for example, athletes’ athletic championships) had a similar impression in Doha, as if Pavarotti and other opera stars performed in the desert imitation of La Scala, where no people came to the audience.

It happened. The championship will not be taken back.But his atmosphere should be a warning for the future.

Cycling in this country is a good promotion of the annual Around Qatar event, also taking place without spectators. He will be part of the World Tour elite series from next season, according to UCI’s decision. The Galont presentation of the peloton at this year’s World Cup was already superfluous. For cyclists and for potential fans in Qatar, if there are any.

P. S .: But Katařany may translate this warning on their own. According to foreign media reports, they plan to cheaply bring five thousand Kenya spectators to the World Athletics Championships for the 2019 athletic championship. u / free.gif “alt =” Crystal Magnifier 2016 “>

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