Northern Ireland – Azerbaijan

Up to duel with San Marino Northern Ireland not downright simple toss, so he has to his credit three games only four points. Expand this number to improve against Azerbaijan will certainly simple, his opponent is so far during qualification surprisingly still unbeaten and also Unibet neinkasoval no goal.

For both teams this will be the measurement of forces historically fifth joint engagements. Northern Irish defeated his rival in 2005, the latest game from 2013 but won Azerbaijanis. The other two duels landed in a draw. And it can be expected that, as a mutual balance will be offset in the current situation and this game.

Home coach Michael O’Neill is fully aware of the Unibet danger that it lurks in Southeast Asia. “It’s that in the European league Azerbaijan has two of its clubs, pointing to his football progress. With us, Czech Republic and Norway certainly has tackled a second place behind Unibet free online bet champion from Germany,” the group performed divination future.

Obviously, the Norn Iron will rely primarily on their own environment, which are generally really hard to win. The first match at Windsor Park, very well managed, San Marino vypráskali four goals. In total, the draw of course Czech Republic is not their point account downright weak. In Germany alone, it just did Unibet not work predictably.

In Belfast, nobody could succeed fully throughout the last qualifying cycle for the European Championship, the last of nine cases, in addition Northern Ireland has won seven times at home immediately. It is true, however, that the attack is not quite perfect. O’Neill’s charges came out to Unibet score idling just six of the last eight games.

Azerbaijan after three rounds played has led to well above expectations and they must be real feel for the procedure. Along with England, Germany and Belgium is the fourth team throughout qualification, whose credits received goals still on zero. In the Czech Republic last mastered his duel mainly tactically very well and took Unibet home a valuable point.

Midfielder Rahid Ämirqulijev admitted that his team’s results after the initial full of positive energy. “We know against whom we play, but we are optimistic. In Belfast we arrived for points,” he stood a difficult target. “My opponent is very strong, we Unibet have not fully analyzed it. We have a plan to succeed in Northern Ireland,” he promised.

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